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  1. got this new balded muslim nigga living next to me in the apartment next to my bedroom smh. every time i smash a new hoe the next day this nigga be over there listening to farrakhan speeches talking to hisself saying shit like "he dont respect no woman!" lol weak ass nigga
  2. i been havin bro on soundcloud for atleast like 8 years. its fucked up that they promote the garbage while niggas are making bangers and arent on yet
  3. i really feel like season 4 of BCS will deliver
  4. this thread is one of my favorite places on the whole internet
  5. i might check it out. my first concert was wu tang back in 2011 and it was epic
  6. that ass look fat...easy call for me.
  7. i got 20 thousand followers on ig and i dont even post shit anymore. i just be lookin at them big ass booties tbh
  8. my nigga boristhebutcher somewhere 2 stepping in some pointy ass gator boots
  9. looks like lil wayne if he was a jewish lady
  10. i moved to LA a few years ago. ....on everything i get pussy nigga
  11. im straight..too old for fads at this point. i just stick to the shit i been wearing
  12. i play cod zombies SSOUR_DIESEL23 is the psn
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