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ups came out today. they wanted to take the box, ship it to their resolution center, decide how they can get out of it, then tell me I'm screwed. not worth the hassle.


i took two hammers, stuck one inside the cup sideways, mimicking the radius of the curve with the curve of the edge of the hammer head, then slowly tapped on it with the other hammer. within two minutes i had it back to original state. there is a small crack inside the cup, but its not gonna be an issue. the rim is only there to center the pulley, which ill just throw on the other side. should be good.


in other news, been looking for plans to build something like this forever. i know its simple and i could have figured it out if id really sat down but the ones I've seen were made out of metal. wood is even easier. someone may find it useful.

holler. and incase its too complex i included a youtube video of it in action.


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4x8 center stand. Hah that's great.


Annd you destroyed the box accidentally, didn't you? I had a similar problem with a motor. The guy decided to roll it into a ball of foam, bubble wrap and tape and send it to me UPS. When UPS came out the packaging was obviously unrecognizable after i took it off. Luckily the guy selling the motor, who either parts a lot bikes or stolen parts (or both) refunded me $200 of $600 for the damages.

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indy i used to take my bike to in savannah had them, but instead of 4x8 it was steel tubing welded into the the same shape. so simple and easy. doesn't replace a hydraulic table, but for simple stuff its useful as shit. especially since my bike is too low for a floor jack.

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No it's awesome for things you actually need to do, like check/change your oil. I've always thought of harleys as touring rigs, but no center stand? Jeeze.


Oh and here's a fancy 690 Supermotard turned bobber by some metal worker at Fisker Automotive



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Wow cant believe I was still able to ride. Now I am +1 in the back and it surprisingly made a huge difference def more torque lost some high end but I didnt care. I kept the stock chain so it moved the tire in a little bit so it turns in alot faster. Love the addition...



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