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  1. Wow that's brutal, didn't realize it was that much. 1 more year and I'll begin trolling for a C5 ZO6 for what will ultimately be a turbo project in the end.
  2. Rs4 would suck as a daily. Definitely a fun car though, just needs to be pampered maintenance wise.
  3. This can't be finished being built. Not protecting the oil returns is.........I guess gay show car stuff, but still and yet this car ain't running with the turbo inlets plugged. To those other guys asking about turbos, they're all oil lubricated with some adding water cooling as a secondary system. You can technically plug the water lines on a oil/water cooled turbo and as long as you let it cool properly it's fine.
  4. That Vette's a 454 man, I don't think I'd want a 180 over that, sorry. My pop dukes has a grip of Vettes so I'm partial, but small displacement + boost Vs big block - I think I'd go big block now. Maybe when you've driven a bunch of different cars and get older it changes.
  6. almost 10yrs old and you idiots are still fucking up this thread...
  7. that shit would still be: where iggles dare.
  8. johnny


    Master of his craft, mega humble and solid peoples. Big up,
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