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  1. @mr.yuckYessir, they rip with some work. Spent my lunch wasting time looking at them.
  2. Not really sure, but those things are cool as fuck. I can't keep thinking about upgrading to an RS3 for my daily, but Covid is kicking my ass dollar wise to make the leap to that platform. These Iroz RS3's online just fucking rip. I hate the fact that they're DSG's and not manual, but you gotta pick your battles I guess.
  3. Finally going to wrap my daily next week. I waited way too long and I've got loads of rock chips to sand out first, but I'm a little geeked to get it going. I've done a bunch of paint wrap color changes for customers and it's not exactly good business sense to not have a car on hand as a reference for customers.
  4. Keeping breaking news and facebook off my radar has done wonders for keeping up that PMA. Simply limiting my intake of the news cycle has probably had the most impact lately.
  5. Bought a 2016 KX100 before Covid hit and it's been a blast with the time off. Been looking to sell my TRX450R and buy two CRF110's for the yard. The smaller shit is so much fun to ride on the makeshift trails and track we got. Looking to freshen up the top end and do the basic clutch mods to my son's LT80 over the winter.
  6. I love me some cider
  7. Wish I could get E85 easier where I'm at. Been using 100LL aviation fuel with some additives for some of the older cars in the fam's stable.
  8. Party on two feet! Rest easy dude.
  9. I've been dirt bike and quad crazy lately. Been shopping for a smaller displacement 2-stroke to fuck with in the yard. Can't decide between the 85s and the KX 100. Kinda leaning towards the 100, but my son's gonna have a harder time on that. I know I'll enjoy it more and he'll have to grow into it. I like the 4-strokes but my 450R feels like it's gonna rip my arms off sometimes for the riding I'm doing.
  10. Yeah, they seem like a smart choice. New mounts, fueling, trans adapter and programming are my concerns. It starts to add up quick, but faster was never cheaper lol.
  11. That lexus build is dope. I can't help but ask why not LS turbo it? Not sure if you just throw stuff at people that ask that or not? I have a trifive chevy that's pretty rough, but still runs well on a built SBC with a smidge of nitrous. I want to single turbo the car, but there's so much more shit to upgrade and change that it seems like a project that will never end or ultimately cost $25K to build. I keep spending weekends riding dirtbikes and quads that I'm slow rolling on making a decision. I'm leaning towards ditching the SBC and picking up a junkyard LS to build and drop that in. I gotta rope my brother into it as he's a much better mechanic than I am. I'm still highly proficient at breaking shit, but just decent at fixing it. Been trying to resurrect a Honda Z50 clone from the dead and a late 80's Suzuki RM125. I just found mice living in the cylinder bore of the RM so that might be over, but I'll know more in the spring.
  12. Bought a new car last year, but I'm low key dying to move to the RS3. I feel like I've got a 50/50 shot I'll ruin it modding it. That and the paddle shifting. I do so much highway driving that I'm loving having a manual trans again. The urge to ruin this car is calling me too, but I've ruined another daily driver I had with a bigger turbo and while it was fun it wasn't reliable with the mileage I do. I should just pour some time into the project car I have, but then what the fuck would I do then?
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