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  1. my next article... http://rideapart.com/2014/05/loaner-report-2012-vespa-gts-250-ie/
  2. It doesn't look good in photographs but in real life I really like it. You have to walk around it a couple times to make sense of it, but it's definitely something I would GLADLY live with for a long time. Maybe one day. So long as I'm trying to make money doing graphics and writing, fuck NOPE. Speaking of, this just went live. Psalm, you can be my east coast correspondent. Hit me up on the facebooks. http://rideapart.com/2014/04/real-racers-sam-romick/
  3. hey folk. last sunday. we had a bit of a wildfire last summer.
  4. What kind of stand is that? Looks sweet. is it cheaper than the Bursig? I've got a track day at sonoma on the 14th. And I'm writing for ride apart. And did you hear about AMA coming to Sonoma and racing with AFM? Club racing and SBK on the same day... on the same track!?!??! Epic motorcycling year is epic. Oh. Bought new fairings. Black ones fell off.
  5. please tell me "dingo them" means to blame their abrupt disappearance on the indigenous wildlife. If so i'm stealing it. Just like every fucking american who says "No worries."
  6. Did anyone else read that article and think they said "ringfinger" when it was "ringleader?" Just me? kthxbai
  7. Woah, hey now. Don't misunderstand me. The entire purpose of mexican food is to be a vessel for guack. But seriously, refried beans on a sandwich is genius. Add grilled onions and carnitas. I'm talking about perfect juicy tender carnitas with the crispy edges... Then add guack... And cheese... Philadelphia can fuck off and die for all i care after that.
  8. To try a torta. Mexicans have a sandwich, and its the best sandwich. Why are there mexicans at mcdonalds when there's tortas? Explain life to me.
  9. planning on detroit. Its a must after watching some tourist video and seeing all the clean wholesome RICH looking white folk acting in commerce. SUN D, i'm going to sun valley to spread ashes (NOT MY DIRECT FAMILY'S) And if there's snowboarding there's mountainbiking in the summer, so thanks for the heads up. I'll take rocks and mud in high quantities pls. Also, when we say "idaho potato" what is it we're talkin about here? Are they your average potatoes? Are they gigantic? These are things i need to know and plan for ahead of time. I don't want any fucking surprises when i get there.
  10. LOL. The only part that's real was that there was a funeral and i met a bunch of cousins. My family is fine—er, the same. My brother did not send an SOS by sticking a cellphone into a turkey's anus with his last dying breath. I dunno if I'll see colorado on this trip but eventually, man. Eventually. I think I'm going straight for idaho on this one. Wherever I go I'll be taking some bikes. I'll definitely be representing.
  11. You guys either thought that my comments here were serious, or you're holding out on me. I'm looking for places to go, things to do, some rocks to kick, some bears to wrassle, some hip hop dance moves to learn, whatever it is these places have going, I want to know about it.
  12. Dude you're supposed to be talking up these places. I'm from california. I can shit on it all by myself.
  13. Are they really off? Give me a sec. I think i disabled them because i check 12oz never. We can talk about it here it doesnt matter. I'm road-tripping from californ-I-A to Sunvalley Idaho, Austin Minnesota, Some tiny detroit subburb, Kansas City, and some other places in Missouri. Big long trip all over the side of america i've never seen or had much interest in before now. I want to see the real mid-west. I'm not going to be one of those tourists that stays on the beach near the resorts and never ventures outward.
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