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  1. BUMP Yall ridin or hidin? Daily the 99 ZX7R. Been staying off the S1000RR cu I’m trying to convince myself I need to get rid of it. KZ1000P project on the back burner. K2 600 is a buddies.
  2. Damn this is a bummer to hear. He posted on IG a few months back. ?
  3. First off, it's been awhile. This place looks way different. Good to see some familiar names still here. In April I'll be in sf for 2 or 3 days, like Sunday to Tuesday or Monday to Wednesday, and I'm looking for some advice on what to do and where to stay. I'll be flying in on the prior Thursday but will be working at Laguna Seca Raceway until Sunday some time. Figured I would try to see the city and a few people while out there. Couple things on the list already, definitely trying to see alcatraz, maybe catch a show at gilman. Other than that i have no clue what to do or where to go. So what should I do? Where should i stay? Trying to stay cheap (lol right) on a room but moderately close to public transport. Trying to holler at EBPH and triple suplex if yall are around.
  4. This is very cool to see. Props for posting.
  5. Serum ive always loved your stuff. Thanks chup
  6. Been shooting a little bit lately. Mostly car shit. Sold my fisheye and 17-40L and got a 24-105 f/4L
  7. Info on that engine? Pics of the rest of the car? Heres 2 I shot today And a super charged Viper. Ms. Swan stopped by and got sexy for us
  8. Where do you draw the line between hella flush negative camber and broken ball joint looking negative camber...


    Ive got a Bell Sweep I got on sale. As said before all helmets are as safe as each other. More money=better looks, more ventilation, less weight. But find one you like the looks of and doesn't feel all retarded and shit because you won't wear it. And always remember the Three-Point System


    Lame. Was it a QR clamp? Or did it seem like some kids just yanked it out. I normally take my seat and seatpost with me if im locking my bike up where i cant see it, but thats very rarely
  11. Got a panther head on my thigh and a hammer on the back of my leg today. No pic of the hammer yet, phones dead. Go me.


    x2 on not running it over. dont do that and it will be great. :lol:


    Bet he had to get a new pair of bibs after that one...
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