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    “Think of and look at your work as though it were done by your enemy. If you look at it to admire it, you are lost” — Samuel Butler
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    people do that on reefers??? i feel like if i walked by that i would get tangled up or cut myself...
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    i really got negged for posting this? guess that means i should repost it then. do u not get how much work that is? it was all done with sharpie markers and then clear coated over... :confused2:
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    I live in Panama, have spent over a year in Latin America. Why people do any of those programs is beyond me - the vast majority of the costs go towards paying people back in the states to find people like you, actually a scam of sorts. i would recommend going onto Idealist.org or another one of those websites, find some organizations that you're interested in and get in touch with them saying you're interested in helping them out. tickets cost 3-400 bucks, and depending on how flashy a lifestyle you live you will spend 75-100 bucks a week most likely, hopefully including rent. Not only will you help out organizations that don't have the infrastructure to have a recruiting center, but you will also touch down already having people who are more than willing to help you out since you were likewise forthcoming. if you're set on teaching english, then just go somewhere where you want (i would recommend cities that are a little bit more connected to the world - Panama City, Bogota, Cartagena, San Jose, etc.), come on down and then file a couple different classified newspaper ads. good luck, Central America rules
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    My generation had a mag like this. It was called Answer Me.
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    Re: Canine murder mystery, or doggie suicide? (warning: graphic... this is a photo thread. I wouldn't show my sister a damn thing on this website
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    Re: Canine murder mystery, or doggie suicide? (warning: graphic... this is a photo thread. alright i say you send that chihuahua skull to kir so he can make a skull bong
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    the first 20 minutes seemed like a sports basement commercial, the rest of the movie i already knew about. movies like this make way more sense watching them when you age 20 years.
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    damn nice post pallmallz!!
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    dope man. good lookin out. you saw it in indiana tho?! got flicks?
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    Re: Canine murder mystery, or doggie suicide? (warning: graphic... this is a photo thread. not gonna read the whole thread, but in my experience, dogs have a litter, not just a single puppy. in related news, my dogs killed a cat in my back yard a couple of years ago, and it snowed that night, so i didn't find dead el gato till a couple days later. it was pretty gnar, got tossed over the fence.
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    Find: Caught your Oreda Fries Cryo today.... It was flexxin real hard. Keep those bigger panels up!
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    Yes. That is the same spot that me and Bel were going back and forth on (the Rize piece, and a Bel)l.This spot actually has some good history. The first time that i saw this wall was back in early 1988. Sento and Sear had nice, font style simple pieces (A "Sent One, Searoc". The Sent One is actually in the Sento book). Aside from that there was a nice Vet with a FC coming off the side. Cromag had an early piece here as well. In 1990 Ozzie, Fre (Furie 3), and Vet ("Jey") did big huge pieces here. Nerd, Stae, and Ceme did a little prod also. Eko (who occasionally painted with Poem) had a piece there on one of the sides. Mone Jase, and Zeo were doing various things there between 1991 - 1993. Rare, and Jent hit it up around those years also. People used to even venture there time to time and paint it in the day(before 2 bodies were found up there along that side where that Sekt Jick is. That put an end to that). It's interesting that spot has had a resurgence in the last years. For the longest time no one really went back there. That Mone/Make that Fishtail mentioned was done in the mid 90's as well as that Mone/Jase and those ran up until a few years ago from what i understand.
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    Sky High Meets Rock Bottom 30 x 40 on canvas.
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    I would have posted VGS but the intro IS Cheech & Chong....
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    Or this sir; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCH0Rk4yJgw
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    sharpie bmw is mediocre compared to the original sharpie lambo 2pac, biggie and a weed leaf? get the fuck out of here
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    Rocked a few of these back in the day...
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    just found out i didn't get a job i was offered, because my background check didn't clear. really pissed. about to break up this bud, and pack a bowl.
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    smoking tweeds, i got a job interview tomorrow pretty stoked.
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    saw this on my wall today :lol: What to do on an airplane when you find yourself seated next to a real dick 1. Take out your laptop. 2. Slowly open it 3. Turn it on. 4. Make certain your neighbor is watching. 5. Open your internet browser. 6 Close your eyes for a few moments, open them and then look up to the sky. 7. Breathe deeply and open this site: http://www.myit-media.de/the_end.html 8. Look at the expression on your neighbor's face.
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    (this was sitting on the curb on an early sunday morning)
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    "For the bitch that said I shot some shit up out of my dick, Now she sick, She better lay low."
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    You cant go wrong with Turner, Luckily I've seen a few paintings in the flesh in London, Guy was way ahead of his time... Speaking of which I'm not sure if you've come across this site by Google, It lets you zoom about some famous museums then if you want you can zoom into a paintings, kinda like google earth. Some of the paintings you can zoom right in and clock the brushwork, even stray hairs from brushes in paint become visible. There are a few good artists at the moment, with more work being scanned and put in. You can go right in too some paintings, and take a screen grab etc and use that for an idea abstract painting, esp the Van Gogh's work. His paintings are immense zoomed in 100per cent, Every brush stroke, in crisp detail, and he worked impasto heavily, so the thick paint casts there own shadow. Like I said you could get influenced to paint abstract paintings just by sections of his brush work. Esp the starry night painting. I love it, as you can really see how an artist would of worked and done his/her painting, Some you see, again Van Gogh just didn't bother to use gesso, just painted straight on to the canvas... Anyway check it man... http://www.googleartproject.com/ Nice one.. pZ..
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    ok i was thinking of scanning shit but then i wanted to figure out what that candy is! it's kinder bueno white! looks AWESOME we're on the internet so i just googled white chocolate nougat crisp and found it in the images. (i see doodle answered but i didn't look til after i posted all this so here ya go anyway) .... result: Kinder Bueno White April 16th, 2010 by Rosa My friend Neil just got back from a trip to the Netherlands and was kind and awesome enough to bring me back a bunch of Dutch chocolates. When he handed me this Kinder Bueno White bar, he noted that I’d reviewed the regular version but not the white one, a blog fact that I didn’t know at the time. November 2007 was a long time ago! Everything on the wrapper was written in both Dutch and French. My French isn’t that great, but I got that these were made with milk and hazelnuts, and I’d loosely translate the description as “two individually wrapped bars of white chocolate and cocoa meringue bits”. The underside of the bars were coated with these little crunchy cocoa beads, and each of the four segments wore a stripe of the beads as well. While I think they were called meringues, they tasted like cocoa powder cookies. http://zomgcandy.com/category/type/white-chocolate/ i love my candy-addled brain sometimes
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    MASTA GRIMM - indo smoke http://www.metacafe.com/watch/sy-10889360/mista_grimm_indo_smoke_official_music_video/ MOBB DEEP - dump
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    You're a fucking cop. You ride in SUV's to your freight spots, if that's even your detail at all. You also don't give as shit about getting stopped and having your pockets run by other cops because you're a cop yourself and when they find out that you're just another cop, it'll probably lead to free beers. Cop.
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    RIP Nate Dog Burn somethin' kid 4twenny
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    Re: Canine murder mystery, or doggie suicide? (warning: graphic... this is a photo thread.
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    you could still go back to high school instead of getting your GED you know.
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    write drunk, edit sober.- E. Hemingway
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    Im shitting my fucking pants over here im so scared.
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    My homegirl showed me that taco shop brawl video the other day, I give it 4 out of 5 Slayer shirts. No she's not a tranny.
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