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  1. Getting it !!! Writs rock
  2. Bump all the new kids collecting The new brands and the old brands I have all the new rusto hardhats Working on a Krylon box logo set also PS Im always looking for notches and bigfaces Mint or not I like rust and grime
  3. ^^ I cosign that statement .. Basically rarity and what people collect depends on what generation They came up in..I am from Columbus Ohio home of the Borden, Sparvar Krylon..These brands hit Close to home for me^..If I get a SW Krylon it's usually gonna get sold or used.. Some of the rare colors and brands are cool but I basically like Rusto and Krylon.. My goal is to get every color made of rusto and Krylon ever made..From the new to the old.. So depending on the person even box logos and 3D 5-balls have cans that are hard to find.. If I find something I don't collect
  4. Anyone get any vintage stuff for Christmas??? -nemske
  5. I need some notch tops .Hit me up on the PM if you have any
  6. Burnt orange Sparvar for sale,,,?? And those notches and the motor color sparvars..
  7. Lil dudes getting burntastic Bump noep for getting around as of late
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