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  1. Good thing I still sometimes use the same password after 10 years. Going through post history is a special sort of hell. Especially through the account I made 6 years before this one. At least both made it on the shirt haha.
  2. YAKUZA PAGE!!!! These are from a couple weeks ago before it was early summer in New England.
  3. http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Parents/842429?trkid=2361637
  4. Apply! *The first search I did had an image from 12oz in the first row. I had even thrown in some Spanish.
  5. If you got a picture of cope2 pointing at your hat it would make you 1000% more graf artist status.
  6. Almost negged you for that. needz more c0nnect10ns.
  7. Driving in front of those things is scary because if they run into you you'll be stabbed in 8 different places. Not all of them are so fancy, but a lot have big pointy bumpers.
  8. Has anyone ever read those labels? A girl I know uses it and I read it in the shower one time, and from what I read I'm pretty sure that if you buy that you're contributing to a weird cult.
  9. So will this ever be fixed or is all the extra traffic to the main page "good for business?" /nocynical
  10. Ferrari Hasselblad has to be nonsensically expensive.
  11. Same problem. This would all be much better if I knew there were more ghost attachments on the way.
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