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  1. MALIK78

    The Skateboard Thread

    Some Colorado goodness enjoy
  2. MALIK78

    Team Dog Lovers [round 2]

    sorry for the late reply homie, yup good ol Colorado..expecting more snow this Wed..Dogs are hyped
  3. MALIK78

    ATT... Abstracting The Typography

    game over.. fuck, everything speaks for itself..pure heat
  4. MALIK78

    Team Dog Lovers [round 2]

    My little ninja cruising in the snow yesterday
  5. MALIK78

    Burners and Style!

    Burner- check style- check Photo taken from the Ouija thread photo by: miahsix
  6. MALIK78

    Ouija YL 3A Transcend CPS

    damn that is HEAT! ouija i salute ya...
  7. MALIK78

    The DF CREW -------------->

    g-damn this page is off the books.. this page alone shows why DF is one of the best crews out there.. scribe- one of the most out of the box cats in the art world emit- letter structure genius and killing it with those new color ways east- just a style master, dude has so much funk and style in every piece jive- just killing it with originality from letter work to color scheme rapes- killing it with the awesome letter work and connections great color choices vogey- damn dude has always been top notch but never stops pushing the envelope ouija- christ man lay off the super man drank lol your work is just so plush & original thanks for sharing fellas and i applaude all of your work, sorry for the long read just so much heat in this thread
  8. MALIK78

    Burners and Style!

    east always burning..
  9. MALIK78

    the NEW sketch thread

    wrd two diff dudes, thx for clarifying that.. really dig their work, got them flickr links available by any chance?
  10. MALIK78

    the NEW sketch thread

    id like to see more from erosoner & earo unless their the same person..either way, two dudes or just one, love the work very ill..if you have sites where we could peep portfolio stuff post the links please, also lotta good stuff in here..props to all
  11. MALIK78

    Burners and Style!

    DOES wow! from the LL blog http://loveletterscollective.blogspot.com/
  12. MALIK78


    no doubt mek ill make sure to do that homie..
  13. MALIK78


    taste is mad dope cant wait to watch him paint this friday in denver..