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  1. there is only one decent answer in this thread. i think people dont understand you are talking about the priceless drawings of graffiti legends from the 70's and early 80's. so they are suggesting stupid things that will DEFINITELY ruin the work. you definitely need to use Archival quality materials. either Archival glue or tape or some other mount. I would personally look into "mounting corners". It is a good suggestion to go to a scrapbooking store or better yet a frame shop. someplace with a good rep, and dont take any advice from anyone under 30 years old when you get there.
  2. find317


    thanks for posting that Morskism! Painted in indy in winter of 2000. One of the first three or four freights ever done, out of several thousand. Big up Sufr.
  3. find317


    one of the best crews of all time..
  4. those A-Bomb joints are the hottest for pages. siccckkkkkk
  5. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that rolex is stupid hot
  6. find317


    Demo and Cool Cybr Rock. Cybr still holding it down in europe for ASM with Angel26 that old T.H. trackside from back in the day.. hahaha i dont think shore or demk were connected to the ground at all when we did that one. definitely on cloud nine. nice flicks!
  7. Re: THIS IS THE REAL ORIGINAL 12oz PROPHET,,, IF YOU DONT KNOW,, NOW YOU KNOW,,, FUCKING G this shit is dope. but the thread title is kinda confusing.
  8. find317


    thanks for the flicks internet predator! morskism coming with the classic joints. those Demo flicks.
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