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  1. I also pan with The Nothing. We've found some and it's fun :)
  2. Cosign the house paint. The oops section of paint and hardware stores or if you're really on some Boss Hog shit the recycle station that gives it to the buff. If you work angles right you can cop A LOT of this shit for free. I hustled over 98 gallons on the free one year from the dump.
  3. NVS, Y'all got the goods, though.
  4. http://hardlyanyprivacy.tumblr.com/
  5. I like where you're headed with that slab work.
  6. Google Image Search All Olde & Stoled
  7. falseface


    Earl, I gotta bump this. So good right now.
  8. DATz BIG TH@NGz!!! allday trimet baby.
  9. falseface

    Animal names?

    My cat's name is Chairman Meow. /inbeforethefairey
  10. There are so many things to say about this but I don't feel like being the asshole today. It's somebody else's turn.
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