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  1. Staring at the floor at work instead of doing other peoples work.
  2. Fuck a fire. Doesn't look so bad from this pic but the whole mountain was on fire as the night went on. High winds pushing it. And they're still waiting on his test results.
  3. stressing the fuck out. Made it through a fire that got to close to my neighborhood only to find out that the wife and kids (Who are out of town) got possibly exposed to covid by her bother who came down with pneumonia. His test doesn't come back till tuesday.
  4. Thanks. Been losing motivation to paint
  5. Enjoying the last of my free studio time painting these Mars attacks prints. Just got return to work call for Monday
  6. Procrastinating on doing anything with the front yard. Stupid sun all day grass
  7. Dealing with a moody 7 year old who doesn't want to do his school work and will stay mad at us all day even though he says he was just playing when he was yelling at us...
  8. Building lego sets with the 7 year old
  9. Part of a series I've been doing
  10. Hiding out in the garage. The oldest kid just discovered fall out boy and is playing the same song over and over and over because it was on the soundtrack of the movie he is currently obsessed with.
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