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  1. havent posted in ages, heres a couple newuns
  2. somethin a little different than i normally do
  3. the monkey is fresh to death
  4. vipers shit is dope as hell
  5. yea dude im in london but ive never painted ireland mate
  6. pesk if you cant handle to fact the people voted me for the win i would happily battle you again and again you obviously wer too stuborn to realise i can actually do graff. And as for the 'scanned' photo which was actually taken of my iphone...? anyway moving on
  7. Here we go boys my entry may the best writter win!
  8. im ready when you are pesk.
  9. ive already got my letters down im writin pesk so ill do full colour should be done soon
  10. pesk we need to do the same so are you doin black n greys? im all about the letters anyway
  11. one pager doubt ill do a background but ill chuck a fill on it
  12. yea ok i write 'morf'. as for colour etc just do what you want you benefit mostly from your fills so ill do a colour peice aswell man. i know i wont win as alot of heads in here are still on your dick but ill give it a good try
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