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  1. What a creepy, OCD clean room.
  2. You have got to be kidding me. FAIL on that cops part. Would have been sick to grab that and bounce. haha.
  3. Yeah, some one in the down town area has been writing KIDS 4BK or something. So retarded. People don't know shit these days. :crap:
  4. Some retard is tagging "KIDS" in downtown portland. Biting his handstyle and everything. It's just sad/pathetic.
  5. Black and white spatter multi-colored spray paint?! Sounds crazy.
  6. And I dunno if anyone remembers it or got a flick but that dope ass straight letter her did 2 or 3 (maybe even 4 now) years ago on Valencia across the street from the Goodwill.
  7. Not saying his new one blows...but SWRVs older 2 letter was way doper. Juzzz slayyyyin'.
  8. That's a tight penis head on the S. More squirts.
  9. Everyone needs to quit being cry fags. Bump KBAR and FUNBOY. Go get in trouble.
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