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  1. sorry dude get off of your high horse there chief, if youre so worried about threads why dont you get in touch with- JOHNNY, hes a mod........tell him reke told you to delete all of my threads. in the end i guess this is why i dont really come onto 12oz anymore, because of dudes like you that have like over 10000 posts that think that they own 12ozprophet...... i posted that photo set because i thought it would be funny (kind of like that kc kid thread) on and btw dont be afraid to get at me if theres a problem, i dont hide behind a screen name
  2. oops sorry well i thought it was funny anyways (from the orry im in your pictures thread)
  3. another thing that theyre not really pointing out here is that when it reads "glucose/fuctose", it is not specified that it is "high fructose corn syrup". witch basically lives in your fat cells and your body/liver has no humanly process of breaking that down
  4. i really hope i didnt stir up any type of contrevearsy with this, that wasnt any of my intention at all, i never said that rime bit that "R" or whatever, i actually have met rime and respect him and what him and msk do to the max, and i would imagine they know that.....it was never in any of my intentions to say anyone bit anything.... its an "R" and thats what it is who cares?
  5. oh well nevermind someone beat me to it ^
  6. theyre trying to say it looks like this guy rumor dtt, fs etc etc, this guy who does freights and shit....... i think ive seen him do something similar to that "R" one time, but other than that i dont really get it either
  7. yea the number 8825 has nothing to do with the numbers on the train that he went over
  8. not that its any of my buisness or anything, but this is not rime msk from the u.s.
  9. well you can see obviously in the "M" that theres a big concrete pillar built right over it, so im thinking that it got gone when there was construction going on (they usually build a net-scaffolding underneath when thier doing construction) and they just never got around to buffing it..... too bad he didnt try to pull off something doper under there though
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