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  1. FORNICATION AT AN ALL TIME HIGH -FRENCH best opening line of any song, ever? HAAAAAAAANH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR5MgBu9SU0
  2. ...and Giants only 17 games back of the dodgers. let's do this!!! :/
  3. CHAWLLY MANUEL IS OUT most wins in franchise history and they boot him in august. tough love
  4. who has tried this? i dont remember ever seeing this brewery around, but i been at the bottom of a well whiskey whiskey well for a couple months now...
  5. ^ logged in just 2 AGREE HENNEPIN MMMMMMM
  6. mackfatsoe


    ^im sure you know since you were taking xanax but drinking on the klonopin is a really good way to black the fuck out. been drinking way too much, but havent touched anything heavier in a couple months. so progress?
  7. ^ didnt you ever wonder why the auto industry failed in detroit? because even broke hood niggas from the eastside ride foreign cars. so so so cold in the D
  8. ^goddamn Macgyver over here, looks great considering you made it in a closet
  9. cant believe you dodgers fans are ready to dump kemp...dude is a natural baseball player and is incredible when healthy. be patient you turds your lineup is stacked regardless Wil Myers on the rays is gonna be a player, sometimes you can just tell
  10. logged in just to say DSD TURN THIS INTO A DETROIT PHOTO DUMP THREAD OK only came thru detroit once for a couple days but it was unlike any place I have ever seen, for many many reasons. was walking thru some abandoned projects on the wrong side of the freeway and met a sanitation worker who was just sweeping the road out there for some fucking reason? even though nobody was living anywhere near where we were at?? she was a black lesbian chick and we hit it off because she liked my tattoos and she invited me to this slam poetry hip hop event at some cutty spot that night. she said she would keep me high all night haha. we passed and lost hella money at the casino instead. I still regret not checking out whatever weird club lesbian poetry scene she was about. my detroit story
  11. click clack you are a man of great appetite FARCE how many pounds of prosciutto that turn out to be after boning? you can and should add an egg to pretty much everything
  12. wow the only person who posted about timmy's no no was RALPHS haha
  13. SUP YALL giants are fucking up...but 2 rings in 3 years, im not too mad at this season even if it is for real pathetic. puig is crazy, no denying that. if kemp stayed healthy dodgers lineup is fucking nasty! manny machado keeps impressing me too, he plays such a nice 3b. zach wheeler just shit on the giants as a met, even got an rbi. never forget we gave him up for fucking carlos beltran. such a bad move.
  14. SYRUP/LEAN/ETC cant believe how much clowns pay for fucking liquid codeine
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