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  1. small update from the last week, or so.
  2. check the flcikr flickr.com/murknallsuckas
  3. its been quite awhile since i posted in here , just been using flickr, heres some new ones all flicks are mine and not stolen.
  4. cool disco dan doc looks super dope, going to have to kep an eye for it. Ive been waiting to see this for awhile now, finally found a copy online. it was deff worth the wait,very good doc. heres a link to the full video http://www.putlocker.com/file/6C70DC20D1288291#
  5. Havnt posted in awhile so heres a few old and new,Im trying to do some exchanges so if anybody wants to get down, im down.
  6. man this is fucked up, rip , true og,..
  7. i left for work this morning reading that there was only 1 dead and it was the shooter, came home and it was up to 28 shit like this usually doesnt fuck with me , i mean its always fucked up when some fucking idiot blasts on people, but this is fucking with me, as it would anybody, idk, humans are the most disgusting , shit is just fucked up. fuck.. all i have to say..
  8. rip tom http://www.flickr.com/photos/murknallsuckas/
  9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/murknallsuckas/
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