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    Okay, all for now. I'll post more later.
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    Even if it makes you late to work check the other side...
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    This is a continuation of the first two I made in the summer. I just got the rest of my stuff back and I'm missing a good amount of shit, so there won't be a part 4. Enjoy
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    if this is actually painted on a wall its the sickest thing i think ive ever seen.
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    not tryin to get all emo, but truley wish i had a better day. woke up to some fgt walkin around my apt..currently livin with mom again. and this dude she had dated a while ago..big time redneck loser. she dropped em a while ago. doesnt really matter too much..but i told her i was going ot take her n my lil brother (10 yrs old) out for dinner and a movie today bc my family is also a bunch of fuckin morons. well anyway i wake up to this dude, walkin around the crib, no shirt..thinkin he runs the place. i tell moms fuggit. im doin thanksgiving with the friends this year, which is what i normaly do. went and got in my car to go paint a wearhouse with a few friends...and the fuckin thing doesnt start. had a homie come n pick me up, we go to get in the wearhouse, everythings fenced off, i have failed to mention it has been raining non stop for the past 2 days. i end up rollin back out to the east end, do dinner with his family, which was fire. and now am about to dome a L of some home grown funk, turn on the ipod and do the best i can to enjoy the rest of the night by working on a lil canvas. sorry for the rant. but FUCK, i wasnt expecting this shit today. hope all yall ate good, and are smokin and drinkin better! cheers to the 12oz fam for another thanksgiving down...see you guys tomm
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    some young kids, probably 12 or 13, were doing rap letters on the bus, so i shot the shit with them, then offered to cop them a couple 40s because they were cool ass little shitbags. they were into it, so we hopped off, and i snagged 'em two cobras and bounced. badinfluence1er
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    four different spots. four different meals. with road head in between. moar beers and pinball fer the rest of the night. Hope errybodies holdin it down real BSM on this bullshit ass holiday.
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    That Newk is the fucking gayest shit ive seen on this thread
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    happy thanksgiving to all y'all vandalous, scandalous, obnoxious sons of bitches. saw Buket on the news today.
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    Heres a few. I was more worried about eating than taking flicks. [/img] and yes my homie Marley here got a plate of his own.
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    ^^^^^ignorance plagues the weak, all the people who dont write have the wrong idea about graffiti, fuck them and those who agree with them, its always been that way, fuck a legal wall it was fun while it was around. these weak minded fools need an awakening with their view of graffiti, since they are still trapped in the brainwash that local law enforcement and politics pumps into your mind thinking it is a problem to do graffiti and have local artist showing there stuff, this is the modern art movement, graffiti artsit 1000years from now will be looked upon like the great artist of past times, these haters of the art are just like the critics from yesteryear thinking this is only a fad......fuckin modern babylonians burn burn ....my two cent but who gives a fuck nothing matters when you die so make it count now
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    I fucking hate Persians. One race of people that can go to hell. I am anti-nuke but nuking Iran would make this world a better place. Actually, I just stay away from them. But I've caught myself driving, seeing a Persian walking on the sidewalk, and saying to myself "Persian piece of shit". They're almost all scumbags who need to leave my country and never come back.
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    YOU KNOW WHO in paris
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    sorry for the horibble picture quality, i did the best i could with a camera phone on the move
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    [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
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    happy thanksgiving
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    This is a new technique of mine, saves time & mess, tastes great. 2 types of au gratin - cubed & shredded, both have different mixes. Cubed is sourcream and cream of chix soup, the shredded is milk and cheddar soup. I prefer the turkey bag, cooks quicker, stays moist. However, the best thing to do is inject chix stock every 40 mins or so. I've tried adding spices to the injector, but they just clog up in the meat. chix stock makes the turkey meat fall of the bird.
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    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    Loading up listing to this.! Song makes me want punch a turkey or wifey, who's ever closet will get it. FESTIVUS FUCKR
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    what 3rd world country do you live in with that setup? :lol:
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    cope dissed the adek , revok dissed the cope.
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    funny how adek dissed it then go permission to do the sace. i heard that this is the last installment on the wall? also heard the same with the twist so i dunno. harvey?
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    Re-arranging some shelves so I figured I'd shoot these quarts etc. while they we unearthed. The C&D mural is just a spot I checked but nothing came out. The shot of the stocked shelves is from a place I like to visit now and then. Instan-Tique was in a box on a curb with some wall gallons. Enjoy.
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    He who is without sin cast the first rock, and i shall smoketh it
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    been trying to smoke a last cigarette for a while now, conan, and realizing i really need to shave
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