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  1. Toxoplasmosis - Brazilian Cat Piss = Sexual Aggression
  2. Is Ironclad decent? Giamatti looks very.. Giamatti & Kate Mara is easy on the eye ..of my cyack But it looks mad cliché, dawg.. This one, 'bout white people problems in New England, really hit home..
  3. Its obviously not as good as the original, but still worth a watch.. Especially if you enjoy rape scenes.
  4. Zoes

    Fred Durst

    Nope! Just you, BsT :lol:
  5. James Darmody = Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero 2.0
  6. Why you be all workin' this earl on a Caturday, nigga?!
  7. "Cannibal Corpse can eat Seth Putnam’s dead, putrid dick"
  8. NEED PIX!!!1!! to cum hard
  9. Oh yeah.. New n Vader, who are both clearly past they primes. Still sik tho
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