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  1. Toxoplasmosis - Brazilian Cat Piss = Sexual Aggression
  2. Is Ironclad decent? Giamatti looks very.. Giamatti & Kate Mara is easy on the eye ..of my cyack But it looks mad cliché, dawg.. This one, 'bout white people problems in New England, really hit home..
  3. Its obviously not as good as the original, but still worth a watch.. Especially if you enjoy rape scenes.
  4. Nope! Just you, BsT :lol:
  5. James Darmody = Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero 2.0
  6. Why you be all workin' this earl on a Caturday, nigga?!
  7. "Cannibal Corpse can eat Seth Putnam’s dead, putrid dick"
  8. Oh yeah.. New n Vader, who are both clearly past they primes. Still sik tho
  9. I'm just breaking balls, ya mook ya! Everything will be ok, nothing is fucked..
  10. Yeah, but.. Which one was the last one you saw?
  11. Some of my fravorites from Twenty-Eleven: (Kinda biased on this one, Mikey Hill's teh homie) Animals as Leaders - Weightless (Hate away) Don't sleep on these fuckers (Maruta - Forward into Regression) And 2012, should be a great year.. New Wormed full-length, as well as this one (finally):
  12. I was fapping to Emily wearing those leg braces, but incest? Never that
  13. Worth a watch, but it's got NOTHIN' on Keitel's Bad Lieutenant
  14. They somehow conducted a fantastic interview with Gary Oldman within minutes of hearing the news about their dear, dear friend. You can hear the sadness in all of their voices this week.
  15. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law Does Frank get mad ass? Real sluts love big ol' tard dick
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