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  1. At least he went out in the most metal way possible. Rest In Piece By Piece.
  2. Live Police Scanner: http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/6254/web
  3. Been following this for a couple hours now. This shit is wild. Fuck sleep I'm cracking a beer and waiting until they catch this asshole. Everyone in Boston stay safe!
  4. Good Riddance. England was an absolute shithole under her, especially up north where I was. Glad I got out when I did. This song almost made me cry:
  5. I love watching that show. I can't turn away, it's amazing. I don't know why the hell Oliver Peck agrees to do it.
  6. Interesting. He quoted me 180 per hour, should I be expecting more than that?
  7. Booked my dates for my sleeve with Lagergren next year. Pretty darn stoked on that.
  8. Dude seems to travel non-stop, I'm sure he'll be down near you at some point.
  9. Are UMAD because it was closed before you could enlighten us all with your concise and apropos contribution? Why the fuck do you care?
  10. That Uncle Allan above is so on point. With him, Lagergren, and Marius Meyer Scandinavia will be seeing a lot of my money in the next couple years...
  11. Hahaha I wish I had $500 to just pass around willy nilly to unfortunate old people. They'd build a statue of me for shitty kids to deface.
  12. This video really got to me. She doesn't deserve any of that. And old people crying always gets to me. I gave her some money. Fuck it why not, a lifetime of dealing with disrespectful little shits she deserves a vacation. Enjoy it.
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