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Fox Mulder

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  1. So why exactly are you here?
  2. HAHA I totally forgot about the Killin Yer Front Yard and Yard Taggin night back in '04. I can't believe some how this one came back out through the buff.
  3. Wtf why is it not letting me edit my posts. Im trying to reduce the file size
  4. Jesus Christ this place is dead.... Been almost two months since a post in here
  5. that mako still kinda holding up. got flicks the night it was done 13 years ago now. fuck time goes by
  6. keep doing your thing Clem. bunch of negative nanceys here.
  7. These were taken over the past year or so when I forgot my camera or ran out of batteries or something. I know the quality isn't great on some.
  8. All caught in VA in the past few weeks. There isn't any self promo going on here, I post what I catch, If you want hi-res of anything PM me.
  9. these dudes are simply amazing!
  10. Damn has it really been like 15 years now? RIP
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