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  1. To continue the cheesesteak debate Fuck Tony Lukes, Chinks is where its at!
  2. haha whatever you say piggly wiggly
  3. your actin like you actually did the stuff, dont get it twisted all you do is take the picture. and your askin for info about different dudes and its not foolin anyone.
  4. definitly comin to the jersey jam again this year
  5. yes officer, that wow guy definitly is killing it with all his "burners" and other miscellaneous graffiti
  6. I believe at the end of Mr.En Em saying his NM's he says NPH Norf Philly Hustlas... NOT Crown Underline
  7. Again From The South Florida Thread
  8. yo, what the fuck are you talking about? anyway... From The South Florida Thread
  9. yo i seen the green n red shit on the tp, looks fresh sumet.
  10. Like the faded Vatoe to the left
  11. god damnit i wanted to go to the WU-TANG concert! all i got for christmas was a beating.
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