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  1. no, but anyone with a tongue should be able to see past my purposely ignorant post! fuck fuck fuck. come on, guys!
  2. if you guys can't take what i said with a fucking grain of salt, then you shouldn't be reading "classics" in the first place....
  3. im fucking trashed and ready to argue.
  4. i'll read animal farm front to back but i can't enjoy 1984. i do, however, appreciate it.....
  5. im negging this faggot for posting 1984. sorry, i like orwell, i just hate tin foil...
  6. my props dont count, but i'll neg you for good measure.
  7. not typically a metal band, but this shit is the hype.
  8. ill that you're up on game. church was my stomping grounds. one of the last solid skate shops left. they fucking came correct.
  9. this is still hilarious..... might have already been said, and not to tinfoilhat.jpeg shit up, possibly for publicity?
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