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  1. me and the homie went full out juggalo, girs were bummed out it ruled. couldn't get faygo around these parts but woooop wooooopin in peoples faces and shit.
  2. Re: OCCUPY WALL STREET NYC LIVE STREAM fucking gay, go paint or do something productive. sitting around doesnt do shit.
  3. that face tattoo jesssssus. what a fucking attention starved homo. fuck that shit.
  4. azns have terrible manners on public transit, their vacant souls never move.
  5. art school seems like a complete waste of time and money, all of the final project shows i have ever gone to have just been a total fucking joke. of course a few shine hard, but they would be with out the school anyways, people who suck at art will always just suck. they go to fucking art school and learn how to explain why there shit doesn't suck. can't polish a turd. just youtube that shit nurggie. dat art shit man..... nah son naaahh, tuck ya chain.
  6. Re: You ever have those days.... smoke weed. do graffiti, draw, don't deal with dickheads, only think positive.
  7. screambloodygore


    mario 3. nes. bawse. the wizard.
  8. that tmz shit was so good. you know he cut off her allowance for the week.
  9. no shit. and every fucking city has weed. just get some when you get there, stoner.
  10. should go paint that train. gain fame, wow the whole community with your lack of respect for property and death.
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