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  1. Re: OCCUPY WALL STREET NYC LIVE STREAM i saw that guy get arrested on the live stream.. he says they directed him back to the plaza when he got out.. lol
  2. http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution?utm_source=lsplayer&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=footerlinks Live stream
  3. The Weather Channel app/widget is a must have Metro map of your transit system Velox if you ride bikes- MPH and stuff Voice mail app- shows name and number Calculator Flashlight
  4. he's lookin for who killed the teen but he killed a little girl:scrambled:
  5. NEEDLES i'm outta here i ain't down with that shit
  6. pupusas


    riding the rain can be straight if your geared for it it's pouring today and i don't have a fender :(
  7. dang you got me. i got a ipod nano 3rd generation for 20 dollars with headphones from a crackhead
  8. i used to go to the barbershop and pay 20 bucks a week for shave/cut. it's been 3 years since i bought my own pair of clippers edit: i get a 1 all over
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