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  1. might be a while. Australia is closed to visitors indefinitely πŸ₯΄ MATT MOONEY
  3. you list 2010 before 2008? :\ i met this canadian dude who said he knew COS and that years ago COS beat up his friend in an alleyway. cool starry bra i no
  4. lots flicks could be posted but i like this one, the picture doesnt show it but this spot was so sick, a massive billboard on top of some high rise in south melbourne. he was known for bombing but this was a really cool piece, that i personally really liked. [ATTACH=full]177488[/ATTACH]
  5. i see some familiar names, whats going on slimes who still comes on here from 08-10? where is DAO?
  6. PM me if you wanna do a piece. i'm free sundays, mondays and thursdays
  7. thats a win! i found a bag of small pink love heart lollies on the train and sold them at a club for $50
  8. didn't like the us version but some dwight bits were funny .02cents
  9. kind of wish i had thought of that for a little filler, damn
  10. its more than just a little bit easier. its too easy. i think its because people can just whip it out and check it on their phone wherever as opposed to coming to a certain website. dont know any instagram having any kind of passive or non-passive income for people but who knows
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