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    couple flicks from my graduation day bbq the night before rubbed the ribs with my special spice mix firing up the smoker seven hours later the spread half eaten meat and cheese trays can't remember all of the cheeses but there was a cranberry chipotle cheddar, a goats cheddar and a french cheese that i couldn't remember the name of it. there was also brie prosciutto,sopresatta, salami my girl made her chipotle potato salad so fucking good slaw moms mac salad....also so fucking good shaved fennel and cucumber salad with citrus vinaigrette bbq and buttered chicken and the mother fucking ribs! these turned out so gooooood for my first time ever smokin ribs. not to much smoke just enough to tell they aint average ribs. awsome!
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    continued.... the next day we went to this place called burgess falls.. lil hike in the woods with waterfalls and all that good stuff.. stopped at this country ass gas station on the way.. just getting to the beginning of the trail.. small waterfall.. another view of the small one.. some old bridge that leads to a cave type thing.. some cool shit walking past... another cool water thing.. all the water is fresh to drink also.. hehehe.... more pics of some nature shit... moar agua... medium waterfall from a lil photo op spot along the hike.. then we got towards the big waterfall.. just another lil view of it.. right next to the waterfall at the top... looking down from the top of the fall.. shit was pretty high... got to the bottom of the fall.. the hike we took down was a shortcut and basically like a lil mud slide down.. the whole time you could just feel the mist from the waterfall hittin you in the face... this whole hike pretty much made the trip worth while.. gone for 6 days and this is what i get from my girl when i get home... all in all the trip was maaaaad chill and a nice lil stress reliever.. the end....
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    Whats fun for 9 out of 10 people? Gang rape.
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    yeah, Italians play a boring brand. I like Germany's style, they're tough and pretty uncompromising. I haven't really been following the German players too closely but big question marks over Klose's ability to score at the moment.
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    HE IS. P.S., what the fuck are YOU doing with YOUR life? get off your Banksy Hate bandwagon. faggot.
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    its all good. neither did I..
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    neither? hip-hop or rock
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    i cant wait to sell out kid.. ima change my name and rock the furcoat all summa....
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    How is Germany doing with bringing young players in? I know Ozil has made it through to the national team but other than that is it still the same guys they've used for like the last 10 years? That could be their downfall as they are a pretty old team.
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    Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD BITCHES** I was gonna try to wrap up the last list today, but I'm sick as a fucking dog. Figured I'd post what I got despite being incomplete.
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    Not sure where the sex offender came from but sure why not. I'll just let you go on and rant though you seem to like to do that.
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    having a convicted sex offender for a father is disgusting. and further more him snitching on his partner for that a/r was absolutley horrendous. do the world a favour and terminate him for us. we dont need your seed breeding any further into society than it already has.
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    what are you talking about, flavor? opel is so much better then cope
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    Some weird shit: 2 feet by 4 feet. Acrylics. Spray paint background.
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    real niggas rock coal cars
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    Some recent photo adventures...nothing special. My Flickr
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    the fuck you talkin about? tpbm has had/will have a lazy day today.
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    that lest full page is grimey
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    This will always be one of the most amazing pictures ever taken by anyone, ever.
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    reading that and thinking about all the times I've held it during classes or w.e I need to go to sleep soon
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    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    my sfw version of tailpipe fucker
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    i can never get enough of these fatties!!
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    That Halt reminds the hell out of me of Take. (Just saw the 'take' on the bottom left)
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    foos was all visibly concerned about losing goatse and azn amphibian pr0nz AND RIGHTFULLY SO! wut
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