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  1. cause when it comes to the fbi and cia they are not exposed even if their audited it doesn't mean that we will hear from it it will be kept and dealt in secrecy so it's not negativity it's just that it's hard to believe that they will be expose to their faults
  2. wtf it's bs it's not like their going to expose their asses
  3. for real bed i can't believe how terrible the o-line is did you see cutler talking shit to the lt i read his lips telling him to protect him one damn fucking time i am so pissed of die hard bear fan
  4. did the new season start already?
  5. co-signed as a matter a fact i showed my girl madison rose and told her that if she ain't putting out im a bang rose all night :D she got pissed of and stood up all night next to me to make sure i didn't fap to that broad :lol:
  6. dude i have a co-worker that's packing a AK47 ON HER bak im a try my hardest to take pic with her approval don't want any reprecautions :cool:
  7. white calvin klein polo with blue navy guess jeans #23's J's with low bald fade,
  8. ipod repost can't see pic and link maybe?...:cool:
  9. john post more of those latex hoes i think i found a new fetish lol
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