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  1. Nice one Dec. I'd really like to see you branch out and evolve with your fill. With a lot of positive space close together in this piece I reckon you could get some mad effects on with that.
  2. Yeah, I reckon I'll go with Resto on this one as well.
  3. @Azteka; reads like Curse to me and yes, it is bangin. Look forward to the finish product but I also really enjoy seeing outlines before the colour is added like this.
  4. Maybe you could reduce the arrogance a little, look back through the thread for about 50 or so pages and check out the standards that have gone before you instead of expecting everyone to conform to your standards. Prob best to play along on this idea, mate.
  5. Going to risk upsetting more folk and suggest that Chiro might want to hit the toy thread for some practice as well. Not trying to be a tool here but the general standard in letter structure, balance, colour choice, GENERAL TIDINESS AND PRESENTATION, fill and a bunch of other aspects need to be respected a bit more in this thread. It's called the "New sketch thread" as there was an older one that was lost in the meltdown. Simple stuff has to be 100% squared away here, stuff such as uniform bar width unless there is a deliberate flow to a letter should be observed. Highlights can't be just chucked in, they have to be placed to actually look like there is light bouncing off a physical shape (or an artistic interpretation of that idea) rather than applied simply to tick a box. Pieces have to be designed for intrinsic reasons not as following a formula. I don't mean to get all formal or even artsy here, but I reckon there should be a basic standard of what we see in this thread based on an aspiration to hit heights, not to simply be viewed. About 5% of my sketches ever hit this thread simply because I don't think they make the grade. It's my suggestion that others also use a stricter criteria for posting items in here. Just my 2c, not my intention to cause any tears or Umads with this.
  6. Ah, would I upset anyone if I suggested that Meconium would benefit from posting in the toy thread for the time being? Without trying to be a prick I think the reasons are obvious.
  7. Nice one man, really feeling that H!! I'm out of town doing the Xmas thang right now, will get yours up as soon as I get back home.
  8. And have a few more while we're at it IMG_7876 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7875 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7862 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7867 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7849 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7848 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7847 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7944 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_8001 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_8000 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7997 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7865 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7856 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7850 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7868 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7869 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7870 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7872 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7873 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7874 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr
  9. YEah, the Canberra thread apparently died ages back and no one voiced any concerns that I post them in here.
  10. [insert grumpy Ernest Borgnine.jpg] ...
  11. Some of the local legal kit IMG_7992 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7993 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7987 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7991 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7989 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7990 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7994 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7995 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr IMG_7996 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr
  12. Other than that, I'd agree with pretty much everything that you've said. I'm less worried about in experienced folk with weapons (as they are usually pretty apprehensive about using them and are not likely to fire unless its life and death). It's the gung ho idiots and angry people who lose their discipline that I worry about. They may legally carry but booze, pride and emotion can turn a law abiding carrier in to a dickhead real quick. I remember reading some stats (yes I know) years ago in Aust. that said a large element of firearm crimes were committed by lawful owners in moments of passion in their own homes. The main offending weapon was a .22 rifle and the main victims were spouses (wives), family members or close acquaintances and alcohol was very often a prominent factor in the issue. I'm talking at least a decade ago, though. Was just an interesting piece of information, not trying to draw any conclusions either way from it, just shooting the shit, so to speak. Kind of got off the track of conceal weapons, I guess. Sorry about that.
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