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  1. saw some nice stuff by the gsp the other day
  2. mymindisgoo


    i'll be seeing you all at the garden on the 28th!!!!!! fuck yeah
  3. whats up? does anyone have that video of eye painting a train while a song is playing in the background with the chorus "these eye's don't lie" or something alone those lines? been looking for a few years to no avail... thanks!
  4. mymindisgoo


    i can't really match anything that's already been said. really dope.
  5. mymindisgoo

    Ici Montréal

    i feel like i didn't see much when i was up there a couple weeks ago. anyway i'm sure you've all been here and seen these but oh well
  6. mymindisgoo

    Paris Grime

    also, someone must have some recent pics???
  7. mymindisgoo

    What Are You Listening To: 2012endoftheworldyo

    phish. it's lately been lots and lots and lots of live phish.
  8. mymindisgoo


    10 days clean off the opis today. yehaw
  9. mymindisgoo

    4th of July week in NYC - photothread

    also it's easy to get around when there's a 24 hour subway. ^^ johns pizza is so dope. mad expensive, but it tastes so good when you're not paying for it.
  10. mymindisgoo

    N E W Y O R K C I T Y

    it's more for the coffee cup tucked in there.
  11. it's been a while. caught in montreal
  12. mymindisgoo

    Paris Grime

    he lindsey as tu des autres fotos du 93? i gotta get back there.
  13. mymindisgoo

    Paris Grime

  14. mymindisgoo

    Paris Grime