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  1. cannagrafic

    > ROAD TRIP BENCH REPORT: Colorado, April 2011...!! <

    Gotta love wine...and E&J
  2. cannagrafic

    Kicking Off 2011! 130+

    nice post
  3. cannagrafic

    Christmas Vacation 2010 Bench! 175+

    nice post. wow, thanks
  4. cannagrafic

    Halloween 1

    shock hank floater
  5. cannagrafic

    They make beer commercials like this

    I like that last shot. While in wisconsin, I remember noticing a lot of old train tracks that had been turned into walk/bike trails that stretched for miles
  6. cannagrafic

    Recent benchin faves from the dirty...

    seaboard system hpjx restamps
  7. cannagrafic

    * NORTH DAKOTA BENCH For 01-15 Aug 2010..... *

    unbiased always makes you remember theres a lot of bad graffiti clogging trains out there. some relevance to this..but just sayin' Nice post though. Thank ya's
  8. cannagrafic

    These ones are from 04

    holy upfe! lots of good pieces and cars in this. classic steez. thought i was lookin at freight train graffiti for a minute
  9. cannagrafic

    * NORTH DAKOTA BENCH: 15-31 May 2009..... *

    eight bingoe kamit speedy Gonzales crush ge wheat trials wake up america awesome wholesome post!! slae likes to sidebust?
  10. cannagrafic

    north coast bench.

  11. cannagrafic

    The "Answer A Question With Another Question" Superthread

    have you drank enough to ruin your liver?
  12. cannagrafic


    photo: Dr. Purp Thumb paperskye
  13. cannagrafic


    ^whoa whats going on here, randomly found. Also FUCK yoker, keep your toy habits off the streets quit blowing up spots! Btw. fuck this kid give him no promo in yo dome-o
  14. cannagrafic


    death tower
  15. cannagrafic

    Momma said knock you out

    nice variety thanks