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Obey gets probation for biting


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2 years probation and a $2500 fine for biting




"Artist Shepard Fairey was sentenced on Friday to two years probation in a dispute stemming from his iconic "Hope" poster of President Obama. Fairey was charged with criminal contempt for creating false and fraudulent documents as well as destroying evidence in the course of a lawsuit against the Associated Press over the poster.

“In order to cover up the fact that the assertion in his complaint was untrue, Fairey created multiple false and fraudulent documents that attempted to show he had used the photograph of then-Senator Obama with George Clooney in it as his reference,” the U.S. attorney's office for the Souther District of New York said in a statement.

Fairey's "Hope" poster was one of the most memorable and famous symbols of the 2008 campaign — a stylized stencil image of Obama with red and blue hues. It quickly became the symbol of Obama's insurgent 2008 campaign.

But Fairey was accused by the Associated Press of using an AP photo — and a legal dispute ensured between the AP and Fairey. Federal charges were brought against Fairey for evidence tampering and fraud in the course of that lawsuit between Fairey and the AP.

He pled guilty to the charges in February."

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There is a big difference between being unoriginal, sampling or appropriating others work and just ripping it off and calling it your own.


I would say Fairy is guilty of both and gets a pass from me on the former. The distinction becomes more important once money is involved.

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Went off the posted article, cared not enough to look further. Link to the $1.6MM article?




About half way down. Part of the CIVIL trial.


"They said Fairey is contrite and noted that he settled his civil case with the AP on unfavorable terms that included sanctions. The government outlined in its court papers that the deal required Fairey to pay the AP $1.6m, with an insurance company contributing about $450,000 of that amount"



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