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  1. best revenge, form an llc so you can have a real estate/rental agency as the title the checks are made out to, not your name. then hire a property manager to pick up the rent, check on the location and deal with the tenants. then sit back and watch how you make that fool pay you money for you to sit on your ass. revenge.
  2. sometimes i forget when people get bent out of shape on here sometimes they actually really mean it. get your dicks wet.
  3. i'm stoked knowing at some point my seed will get a bunch of cool shit from when i was a child. i got passed a bunch of cool old toys from the 20's, some cast iron cars and what not. come to find a bunch of those guys are worth quite a bit of money now. of course i was a child and i ruined them but you get the idea. trash one day gold the next. edit; maybe 2 or 4 years ago i was at a minor league game and they had the whole place filled up with card vendors huckin what would have been dream cards for me as a child for super cheap. i seent hank aaron cards for 5 bucks. tobacco cards from the 1910's and 20's for 10 bucks a piece. i hope more people stop giving a fuck so i can go ham and buy all the gems i couldn't as a kid. i'll do the same as when i was 5. keep them in a box, in plastic. then take them out and put all the favorites out in front of me and look at them and then put them away. boom.
  4. seent this on tmc over the week end. had me up till 4 30 in the morning so i could see the whole deal.
  5. sounds like a handful in the bedroom.
  6. i didn't know dudes friend zone. i just though you give a shit about a girl that you like to fuck or you don't. you usually get what you ask for. keep it simple and pay no mind and it won't be an issue.
  7. that story made me forget what thread i was in till the end of the story. sell the dog on craigslist. or give it to a girl you wanna casually be with.
  8. i was pretty pissed when i was a kid and i found out cops are only there to clean up the mess. you just gotta look out for yourself an know your castle laws.
  9. yo has anyone asked cope2 how to make krink yet? its always most important to ask every graffiti writer every important question just so you can be just like them!!!!
  10. sick pick up for 700 bucks. always thought i'd kill myself on a fast little zipper like that. i wanna get a hardtail some day and just cruise around and try not to get hit by an 18 wheeler.
  11. i feel for you, its hard to watch people you love suffer. even if it is by choice. one of the hardest things for me to deal with when it comes to friends with addictions is looking past the part where i wanna tell them they're making the choice and that they do have choices. i don't fuck with anything like that anymore. like becoming a living ghost. hope your alright man.
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