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  1. Been a awhile. Dropped in to show some love for a fallen brother. Gone 20 years now. Crazy how time flies. Be safe you delinquents. ✌️
  2. Bump. 20 years today. RIP BROTHER.
  3. Reunion round up: cubicle career. Leased car. Bought a house. Thinning hair. Extra 20lbs on the frame. Last thing I painted was a patio set for my lady. ‘MERICA!
  4. This place looks pretty good. Lots of new buttons to push.
  5. Would not have given out my SSN. State should have that info when contacting you.
  6. The girls on the swiss/finish/sweedish hockey teams are insanely hot. That is all.
  7. A friend left a bottle of Amsterdam Gin at my place. Dont really drink gin, only thing I have to mix it with is oj....it tastes ok. So gin and juice i guess? Cool story.
  8. When I left for work this morning it was -8 degrees outside. Todays high was 19. Its now 10 degrees outside. Ill grow all the fuckin beard I want.
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