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  1. Stanced/Slammed, basically the same thing now. 2" of wheel poke with horrible camber.
  2. Tons of classic american cars around here, some exotics. Not a lot of import love in the Motor City..
  3. I cant tell you the last time Ive seen an FC...or a Z31 for that matter.
  4. Guy here has a really nice forester. Hes done a lot of work on it and I've never been in car of that size that pulls so hard.
  5. "Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron confirmed that he sustained a broken rib and tore cartilage before the deciding game of the Stanley Cup Final." "Somewhere, Curt Shilling's bloody sock is embarassed.." :lol:
  6. And I was really psyched to see this pic the other day: Really well done DSM.
  7. I read somewhere their periods attract bears. Bears can smell the menstruation.
  8. Right?. What I choose to do in my garage is my business. Too late to contact anyone there, I really want to hear what they have to say. Further I may talk to a lawyer friend tonight and see what he has to say about it.
  9. Just got a letter from my homeowners assoc. that "car repairs or maintenance" is not allowed in our neighborhood. Fuck that. Im guessing my asshole neighbor complained the other day when I put a new exhaust on my daily driver. Had to saw part of it off, as it was too rusted to unbolt. If shes pissed because I made some noise putting a new stock exhaust on my DD, Im half tempted to put headers and straight pipes on my 350z and redline it for 25mins at 3am...
  10. First corvette and last camaro are doing it wrong.
  11. Hell yeah. Old guy at my work that is a duplicate of Mr.Magoo parked next to me yesterday. Never really talked with him, not sure even what he does there, but had a classic car racing club sticker on the back of his rust bucket jeep. As we walked in he told me he used to have two AC Cobra's, but then sold em. He then in the same breath said he owns an M5 and a Ferrari Modena.:eek: Im gonna try to get him to let me drive both. :lol:
  12. My beloved Rangers are shitting the bed again. Can someone just kill Richards for me. Better if he is not on the ice whatsoever...
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