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  1. Id give my $600 just to take your keyboard/ soap box away from you.
  2. refering to how YOU voted for a 3rd party. give it rest already. You're a walking contradiction trolling useless political memes. You cant even figure out youre own argument, you are a walking Faux 5 faux hawk. YOU NO REBBEL!!!!
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. In my opinion the best shit I saw was the moment Obama was announced the winner I flipped over to Fox just to see what the looks on their faces would be, and there about 6 minutes of no one talking, that shit was priceless. They just showed the crowd. Was pure gold.
  5. Holy fuck, did I just prop DAO for takin' a mega dump on a buncha' idiots? the world truly is coming to an end.
  6. Just like I thought, your misguided Umaddery is with with Goldman Sachs. Which is fine, but you come off on some cry baby rebel in search of the next fauhawk to strut around in trying to be heard complaining. That might work around other children but around adults it's transparent. Especially your corny Neg remarks. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. so THAT is what you hate about elections? Not that its set up to divide the people, and create a villain to a super hero? Cuz' that's why I hate election system. Jus sayin' Some people just want to come off like rebels no matter who wins, that's another thing I'm tired of. Just be happy knowing the intentions of Obama are more genuine then that Mormon. It's a good place to be whether the system is fucked or not.
  8. Just stop starting everything with "I" Jesus.
  9. don't be so emotional Husk, breathhhh you dont gotta troll the internets for funny clips or gifs. Its cool Bruh
  10. @ TRON who gives a fuck what you do or say? jus' sayin.
  11. @HUSK because unfortunately any intelligent US citizen shoulda' knew MONTHS ago that one of those 2 where going to be elected. Anyone else wouldn't be allowed to win. you're on the webz you should know this stuff from all the conspiracy threads you prolly frequent. Ron Paul would never be allowed to win. Thats not how this country works. Read btwn the lines.
  12. u really mad son. you know that Mormon got rich steam rolling companies right? you know he outsourced gear for the Olympics right? you know hes been dodging makin' his tax returns public for months right? you know hes a Mormon right? You know he actually doesnt have any of his own opinions other then what the money behind him says right? ill stop. Just thought you might wanna know you been misinformed watching Fox.
  13. contrary to popular belief, it aint aboutchu son.
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