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Facial stitches


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I recently had small accident and had to get my nose stitched up,some inside my nostril and few outside. It's fucking terrible. ALLL I CAN SMELL IS DRIED BLOOD,makes my stomach sick,makes food taste bad......gotta watch how I put a shirt on,even brushing my teeth and shaving is a pain in the ass....cant get my face wet.FUCK THIS

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I feel for you man, things that mess up your sense of smell/taste are fucking horrid.


When I was about 10 I sneezed while eating a carrot and a small piece of it ended up somewhere way up in the back of my nose. There wasn't anything I could do to get it out so I just forgot about it.

Until a few days later when I'd been wondering why everything smelled so awful, I had looked around the kitchen and in the trash bins at home and found nothing that could explain the stench.

And then I realized it was the fucking carrot rotting away somewhere inside my head that made EVERYTHING smell and taste like shit for almost a week.



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Tony- my girl worked as ECE teacher for a bit back when....I guess this one kid stuck some mulch from a flower bed up his nose.....and you could smell it when was close by.......They had to remove it and put lil guy on some antibiotic drip bag for like a week his nose was so infected.


Oh shit :yuck:

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I got three different sets of gnar-scars on my face plate.


16 stitches across the forehead from the skegs on my surfboard. Some aggro local in Santa Cruz dropped in on me at Steamers Lane. I bailed and got fins to the face. Came up out of the water surrounded by red foam / looking like a shark attack ass nigga. Mad people were watching from the cliff and were all tripped out as I ran up the stairs trying to find somebody to drive me to the hospital since I couldnt see shit with blood pouring down my eyes. Some bro from Peru was kind enough to drive my ride up there.


I also have a vertical scar running across my forehead... so combined with ^ that one; I got like an X in the middle of my shit. Cool huh. It was another surfing incident where I took a hit underwater from my own board. This time without health insurance I drove the 1 hour to get home and tended the wound myself. Would have been 14 or 15 stitches though.


Salt water and wounds like that... it gets all hurty real fast.


Also took an 80 mph foul tip to the chin playing 'catch' after a sloshball game. My ninjas were trying to hit off this new dude who was throwing the heat. I got behind the plate to peep this dudes arm and also to catch. No mask, duh. Split my chin strap wide the fuck open. No stitches on this one because I had mastered the art of butterfly bandages and super-glue due to previous lacerations. Bled FOREVER because I had been drinking all fucking day...


Women say these scars add a certain ruggedness to my features. I say if you're gonna be dumb, ya gotta be tuff.


All true stories, bro.

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had 52 staples in my scalp at one point. button up shirts were key. can't imagine how dried blood smells or rotting back nasal carrot haha ugh

Dang! Did they remove all 52 in one sesh? I had 12 and they hurt a shit load more coming out then being put in.

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my homey and i got into a drunken brawl one time and the fucker headbutted me right at the top of the nose.

broke my nose and there was blood everywhere, even on the roof of our apartment.

shit was a bitch to clean.


didnt go for stitches, should have.


scar is pretty savage to this day.

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