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  1. Rest in peace brother.
  2. A few nights ago I dreamt that I had a bunch of little, dry pieces of turd stuck to my ass hair. In my dream, I called them my "torpedos".
  3. Aight, let me holla at my MC fam. I'll be in touch. :D
  4. So do you have a crew? If not I can put you down with all the good crews in Montreal. Name the one you'd like to be in and I can hook you up fo sho.
  5. This is TOO good, on so many levels...:lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. I'll donate only if I can have a threesome with Tasha and Maja. otherwise I'm coming over there and doing a fill-in on your half built school. Straight up hip hop education.
  7. Biter or not, these are by far the ugliest canvases I've ever seen. I don't care if you were painting NY trains in the 80's. That doesn't make you good. Especially when all you're able to do after decades of writing is either the same old shit any 5 year old could do or a blatant copy of somebody else's work.
  8. Nothing screams TOY louder then someone trying to make an online tutorial on throw ups.
  9. Bookmarks >> Show All Bookmarks >> Ici Montréal >> Delete Fuck this gay thread.
  10. The spot jock is strong on this one. Kids are fuckin clueless nowadays.
  11. This one time i was graffin, and my graffin graffinated in a graff. Most hip hop shit that ever happened to me.
  12. I bet he's the one who shot the deer + kid. Side note, those stupid CSI-Miami style monologues Rick had in this first episode annoyed the shit out of me (when he talks on the CB at the very beginning and when he talks to jesus in the church). Not only were they unnecessary, but they were just bad acting and corny as fuck.
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