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  1. weres all them good flicks
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bAN7Ts0xBo AWSOME SONG
  3. nigga be hittin up them books like crazyy
  4. In 6th grade me n my boy were walking home from the mall we were hella hungry n had no more money so we went to a safeway n stole some candy n I was hella paranoid thinkin the alarms were gana ring
  5. Whats some of ur guys worst injuries while graffin...
  6. one time me n my boy went to go out n we were going to do a freeway n it was way past the curfew at about 3 in the morning n we went behind some buisness building having to just a few fences to get to the shot when we were at the last fence a huge ass alarm went off with hella lights flashing on us and it started to rain so we ran n i was gettin hella tired still needing to hop the wet fences so once we got out of there we started to walk still in the buisness area n i seen that my boy still had the can not wanting to hide it n he was a dumbass for that then next thing a roller came up on the
  7. Di Maria if u gana post stupid shit at least make it funny.. not annoying ass bullshit im sure every1 else agrees
  8. More flicks less shit talkin.. keep that shit up
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