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  1. I tagged on a sleeping bums blanket, halfway down the block I realized he was giving chase so I booked.
  2. Weaksause quote: I think everything danger zone said is legit. It is ridiculous, but shit i think of the other things i could do for fun and nothing can really compare (for me that is, everybody's different) to the feeling of painting stuff and hanging out with fellow writers (for me those people are who i'd consider my best friends) and yeah it might not be very rewarding when you think about it, i mean shit i could go help people with my life and im sure id feel like a better person. but; im an asshole and im selfish. I quit writing for a while a little bit back, and i thought i was done for good, and it felt good not being stressed out about shit, but there was an intense void that i needed to fill. Without graffiti my life is boring. I wish it wasnt that way but it is..... that's life. I feel it. I might have gone overboard b/c i was having a shitty day when I started this topic. However graffiti for me has added a lot of unnecesary stress to my life. Sure I love it, and I have fun, otherwize I wouldnt do it. At the same time there are a lot of ups and downs and these new jacks need to hear it from people with more experience. Kids these days have no idea what theyre getting into. Im also a selfish and somewhat isolated person and I could see how graff has led me there. Sometimes I wonder how different I would be if it werent for it.
  3. time for some flicks! RIP
  4. Danger Zone


    thats it... sorry about the size :king:
  5. It seems as though graffiti writers have more problems than most. After years and years of this shit I havent gained anything. And no, doing a sick burner will not make you a happier person. Recognition will not provide redemption. All this shit leads to is felonies, violence, headaches, health problems, lack of sleep, anxiety and social isolation yet im still am compeled to do it. I used to have grand schemes about what graffiti meant but now I know that it doesnt mean shit. Its an ego trip for ego manics to feel better about themselves and feel important. To make us feel permanent in this very impermanent world. Even when I get past that I still see no real reason. If you are just picking this up then quit now. It will infect your system like a virus and become a part of you. Soon youll probably develop a double life. Be at war with yourself between your graffiti ego and the fact that you are normal. Everyone is as crazy as you (almost). And yet no one will ever acknowledge, understand, or appreciate your passion like you do. Your view of yourself will be distorted and different from reality...
  6. sometimes leads to tagging on houses, walking on cars, kicking off their mirrors and knocking over anything in path (garbage cans, newspaper stands, etc.)
  7. screw you: get off kuk's nuts!
  8. silver belt cop behind me had me in and arm lock and kept twisting that shit... Hurt like fuck... fucking pig! :five-o:
  9. how many bickering toys does it take to start e-beef? three: spep1 hollowtips gouge real writers get their feelings hurt on the internet.
  10. GO JACK EACH OTHER OFF SOMEWHERE ELSE! fuckin internet clowns :clown2:
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