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  1. No you negd me you twat. Fuck it. Keep thread open!
  2. Why are cats in invisible mode? You scared pussies oh whut??
  3. Pissdrunkwhat? Where you at? Talking bout my momma fuckyou bitch!
  4. I have a feeling my tacs are gonna be bloody red again tomorrow.. Still though.. Fuck the Mods!!!
  5. Your negs are like props.
  6. Hahaha nope. Ch.0 there is people far more stronger than you
  7. My tacs seem to have been transforming back and forth
  8. I thank you a million thanks lugr. Trannyhandjobs though? 30 years old and a kids name hahaha weak.
  9. Hahha all the mods are asleep hahha
  10. Haha I got Neg'd by logo.
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