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  1. Nice thread. Hella mad fitting-like for whats going on in my life right now, it's also pretty interesting to see where some of you folks have gone with your careers & lives over the years. I feel like I am at a critical point, a junction in my own life. School or Keep on with my trades. I dunno. My situation is hard as fuck to explain - I have been heavily, and deeply entrenched in Humboldt. All facets, 2010 is when I got to manage my first property. Agricultural Manager is what my resume says just to alleviate a 5 year employment gap. I began a transition back to the legitimate side of things and suddenly found myself working HVAC in the Bay Area. Those warehouse grows in Oakland, all the ducting, climate control and ventilation. Yeah HVAC. Meanwhile my little brother is graduating from UCSC (Santa Cruz) with a heavy environmental degree and it's like the race is on. These would be my last years to go beast in school on grants and test out ASAP just to have the piece of paper... that ironically doesnt seem to mean much. And with a lot of the trades I'm looking towards- I just dont want to go Union. Fuck the union. I've had people tell me to create two separate resume's, one for the cannabis industry and one for the rest... I am trying to walk both sides of the fence...this strange grey area the industry sits within. Federally fuckable, and state tolerance is so unpredictable. Hmm. Irons in the fire, I gotta sort my shit out.
  2. Also, 2006! Whoa. 12oz OG they says. What up Boats!
  3. lol same. Oh shit its dem boiz. Ken. By Request only.
  4. WOWWA... By request only - This thread inspired me to try logging in and well look what the fuck just happened here.
  5. Ahhh San Francisco in the winter time. Wish you were here. http://vimeo.com/83332142 http://vimeo.com/82257406 Steez for days... sheiate! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=In4q6LUqlSU :D
  6. Tavaruawon


  7. Re: im watching this plumber go to FUCKING TOWN on my kitchen ceiling I'm in your kitchen spilling beer on your blackbooks.
  8. ... And whaaaaat ... Boats for mod/crew. Nice move dude. I must be new here.
  9. Not sure why, exactly, but this had me laffin hella much. Goodonya.
  10. I have a return ticket for January 3rd. Gonna be driving the whole coast from the Nicaraguan border pretty much all the way down to Panama. I have a friend in Quepos (cental coast, Pacific side) who started up a thriving surf school, so it will be fun to meet up with him and his family for New Years. We'll be staying at his casa. I'm going to check the vibe on his business, potential gig teaching foreign-traveler babes how to stand up on a longboard all day. Sign me the fuck up. Man, on some other shit though. I really should have kept up with your thread more over this past year. Saw that you were passing through Humboldt at some point. It would have been 'dope' (heh) to show you around the Lost Coast- beers in the cupholders. Most likely could have hooked you up with a job working hourly or trimming as long as ya felt up for it. We were paying 200/lb as well. I think you'd have liked it and done well up there. Some epic things happening on these mysto-properties out in the hills and it would have been cool to hear your perspective on shit. I hired a group of three cute chicks that were from Tennessee. Train hoppers and musician traveler types. They were super cool, worked hard, made some dough and then moved on. This girl by the name of 'Dilly' said she was familiar with your work when a conversation about graff came up. When I'm in the bay I stay out in Livermore or Castro Valley as well. Fremont is hella close, but alas ya moved on already. The offer will still stand for work next season. Something to think about if you're out this way again. Peace
  11. Well, my five year felonious probation expired as of ten minutes ago. Holy fucking shitballs. No more 10pm-6am curfew. No more 4 way. No more progress reports and court dates. No more travel restrictions. No more debt prison. And I can once again own repelling gear and sharpies. Pfff baaahaha. Shouldn't have let me off the leash bitches! I have plane tickets to Costa Rica and am leaving December 20th. For reals. Not expatriating just yet. But definitely have ideas. Ahhhh. Feels amazing you guys.
  12. Whoa. You unleash that horrible flik on us after more than 4 years of lurking? Really? I don't even know where to start with those letters. Jesus mother fucking christ. Some people just can't progress. Might be time to seriously consider a new hobby.
  13. Nooopes... been about a year since I was in SD last and remained elusive since. Hanging with Sasquatch. *For real though, I need to set up a voice mail, answer phone calls, respond to e-mail's, and log-in more often, The great people I've met in life are probably starting to think I'm an asshole.
  14. Meanwhile in the Central and Northern California area over the past week... The weather was fucking beautiful, as good as it ever gets. Nice swell in the water and light, warm offshore winds. Picture me chilling on the 19th at Pebble Beach, sipping an old fashioned and marinating in 85 degrees of sunshine. Rocking Stacy Adams and smoking Its a Boy's. That happened. The weather modification goons sure are fucking over the rest of the world to send some amazing conditions Northern California's Way over the past couple of years. I guess I'll cherish it and be glad I'm not from somewhere else.
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