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  1. hes mad funny, id smoke a blunt with him then let him keep the clip if something came up and i had to bounce
  2. :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled:
  3. JUST got a call from some chick who i apparently bagged last night.. but i have no clue who she is haha anyway i told her 2 send me a pic----i hope i wasnt beer-goggled out
  4. spam SPAm na but listen 2 this though.. ya boy done improved somewhat since the last time i was posting shit on here
  5. Remix I did for Little Dragon's song "Little Man" listen pls
  6. https://soundcloud.com/eloheeeem/little-dragon-little-man-remix
  8. false. i am a pet turtle. tpbm still denies that Basedgod fuckt his bitch in the ass and in da head.. smmfh
  9. procrastinating on a canvas.. and noticing dyslexic occurrences in my writing.. jk im jus hi
  10. true tpbm plays sitar on a unicycle
  11. oontz taught me how to internet and how to not take assholism personally because its all for the sake of lols (right?)
  12. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed Lol speaking of, he said hes completely done wit the oontz.. that ngga had the ill knowledge about all things internet.. smh i stopped coming on so much because i didnt have internet access for a while.. basically.:rolleyes: i still lurk burners/style/nyc/831/msk threads though. and nonsense thread. idk bruh.. i just dunno
  13. write right handed but play sports left handed thats probably not that #rare though.. read magazines back to front so i dont miss anything
  14. I appreciate ur concer bro. much love n shit
  15. tweeting oontzing looking for shit to sample trying to digest little ceasars i just ate my shoulder hurts but i dont have tiger balm i told tampon girl that the basedgod wouldnt even fuck her
  16. this is what i e-magine someone does when they get negapropped
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