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Everything posted by tutleone

  1. you answered your own fucking question
  2. that was wacker than commons last album
  3. frst thing i ever made on FL OMG GO DUM LOL 5150 ALL UP INNA BITCH MOUF
  4. ergg i forgot its on the tip of my tongue [pause] though.. anyways.. crashing hipster parties and taking over the music is fun
  5. GMA shows the dumbest, unimportant shit
  6. lol, see i knew it was nonsense
  7. we should retire this thread on this page
  8. ive played that variation of freeze tag like twice.. one of my cousins introduced that rule into the game.. kinda got annoying after awhile but yeah i played TV tag too.. we'd play either cartoon network, nickelodeon, or disney
  9. back when i had my first apartment mondays were always the days we had to polish off the leftover alcohol from the weekend.. n i had a 7am class too...
  10. when you start remembering other members posts on an anonymous website............
  11. ma nigga u cuh paint multi culuh pieces wit wun kan doe das wussup
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