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  1. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law
  2. M.I.A.-hussel first time did shrooms i listened to this album like 3 times in a row.. then zeppelin 1
  3. ERic Clapton wouldnt shake a stick at you.
  4. wut? cuz I post some beats i make im "trying to be" something? sayWORD? Did i start a thread like jugzer? no. do i self promo like "yo this is da hottest shit ever everyone plz xheck it out and support me please omg we da best!!1" no. I post them shits to post em. and if i get feedback its whatever. youre obviously upset at your own shortcomings as a Virtual DJ DJ. go fuck yourself with hagrids beard. its funny how i say one thing (as a joke!) and everyone gets heated yous take me wayyyy too srs. srsly. son.
  5. this one based line will cure dao of all his iSadz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVw4S4hUaq0 starts at 2:02
  6. lmfao thats how I was fellin'
  7. mad dao videos on youtube
  8. are you fucking kidding me?> thats what i clicked on this rhead for? fuck u and ur gay ass screename /drunk
  9. looks good... the gif of the turkey jumbling its titties is puer lulz
  10. but thats not cool anymore mad nurgaz on teh thread tho
  11. i guess all i can say is im smokin some tumbleweed rite nao
  12. I was about to post a thread but fuck it
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