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chemical ali

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  1. chemical ali

    The Nonsense thread

    Re: Yo DAO you're a faggot wouldnt mop my floor with that roll but the steak looks aight
  2. chemical ali


    best in montco top 10 in philly area easy.pizza or steaks
  3. chemical ali

    NHL 2013-14

    funny ass dude probably has pimple stripes across his forehead from putting on that helmet
  4. chemical ali


  5. chemical ali


    every days a new adventure b. bier
  6. chemical ali

    NS4W : Celeb Oops

    lady looks like a dude i forget her name tho
  7. chemical ali

    NHL 2013-14

    was at that flyers game, the flyers are cursed
  8. chemical ali


    damn,drake got a dude to feed him shrimp and everything
  9. chemical ali

    ***NHL 13' Thread- Fuck Bettman

    :lol: now i dont even know what to think,whatever. these games have been awesome
  10. chemical ali

    ***NHL 13' Thread- Fuck Bettman

    boston really scraped out of that one. they didnt even start playing until halfway through regulation or so. i feel like im watching one of the all time classic finals of all time ever,but chicagos puck movement down low is disgusting. chi in 6
  11. chemical ali

    ***NHL 13' Thread- Fuck Bettman

    thank you,bruins,for putting the baby to bed tonight. we couldn't. out golfing late. love, philly.
  12. chemical ali

    The Nonsense thread