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I met some hipster and when I asked what he did his masters in he said witchcraft. I played a long for a little while and then just came out with 'yo, you been living in williamsburg?'. His cousin was all like "whoa those are some pretty good powers of deduction man". And what I thought to myself was "yeah, I have deduced you are both faggots". Then a went to get a beer.


(N.B No diss to brooklyn residents/ yes diss to people you've only just met trying to say they did a degree in witchcraft when they actually did some hurt media program where it doesnt look like they learned much except how to pretend they are a big deal).

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I used to have a flatmate who was a Wiccan, she was all kinds of fruitloops.

My step mum occasionally goes to a spiritualist church, which is SUPER weird to me as she'd always been a very strict Catholic. Last time she had a 'reading' she was told my brother wouldn't settle down again after his marriage fucked up aka he'd pretty much shag anything that moved and that I would be married within the next two years. One out of two ain't bad.


She did say some freaky stuff about my cousin that died though.

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that connection is news to me... except juggalos also believe in retarded shit like their corn syrup redneck heaven, so they are discredited


im not expecting to win over anyone in the ch.0 crowd on the legitimacy of magick; just want to know if there might be a few here who actually recognize it... & maybe will say something profound


& fred nurk, youre corny

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