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  1. Props for actually trying it properly on a piece of buttered toast and not out of the jar like a lot of first timers do .. I don't eat the shit out of the jar and I was raised on it. It's interesting hearing about how some people can't imagine having it in the morning, I can't stand anything sweet when I wake up... 2 pieces of toast w/ vegemite & coffee every damn morning.
  2. Lol t-dog had more lines in this episode then probably any of the others and its the one he dies in.. They couldnt have 2 black guys in the group ??
  3. When ol girl was lifting up zombie chicks dress I kept wondering what her vag must look like and then I was kinda let down when there was just some stinky panties lurking underneath. Good episodes so far.
  4. Not a fan of those implants tbh. My most recent ex had one and was extremely petite / could barely get it in at times and yeah if I went too hard I could actually feel it scraping my knob. Anyone else get this shit or am I trippin ?
  5. This also happened to me not all that long ago ... gotta admit I was goin in pretty hard for a while and pounding the fuck outta this girl. When I finished I pulled out and there was some blood on the tip of my dong.. After giving her the :S face she simply said it was because I got too deep. Whatevers tho I washed my shit and im good.
  6. Sometimes when I sit at the computer I try to pull out any stray ones that are just poking out of my nostril.
  7. Didnt you make a post saying how it was weird for humans to be drinking the milk of another animal ? But you're alright with eating chicken periods ? I love both but just found that strange.
  8. White people cant be slow shit workers too ?? The fuck did I just read.
  9. Yeah I thought this was going to be about dog toys that are dildos for dogs at first glance.
  10. Write up petitions about local neighbourhood problems and then get people to sign them.
  11. T-Dog isnt in the comics from what I remember ? Thank fuck Michonne showed up, even if it was just one scene. Did anyone else want to choke slam that stupid cunt nugget Lori after she got all angry and disgusted at Rick for killing Shane ?? Stupid fucking mongrel SHANE TRIED TO KILL YOUR HUSBAND AND YOU'RE GOING TO ACT ALL SALTY OVER HIM TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS ... especially after a few ep's back she actually SUGGESTED he needed to be killed. Fucking hell.
  12. Yeah dude has NO input in anything whatsoever in this season you kind of forget he's even alive.
  13. But now they will prob try to save their humanity in his name or some lame shit. Dumb fuck kid its all his fault.
  14. http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/6988748/Fathers_Day_2011_DvDScr_XviD_Feel-Free Same torrent I copped, good quality.
  15. She must be lookin over your shoulder eh ?
  16. First time shooting a pistol the other day .. was meant to be a Glock 19 but shot this instead. Was a lot of fun, im jealous of the gun laws in the states man theres way too much bullshit you gotta go thru to get a pistol here (legally).
  17. So glad I watched this, was fucking awesome. This was bleak as shit, drags on a bit .. not quite sure what to think. Great camera work. I love my post-apocalyptic/disaster movies but this is different to what I expected. Decent watch.
  18. Way too long. She keeps lookin like shes about to drop a few browns.
  19. If you're making music to make money then maybe you should re-assess the situation. There's a 99.7% chance you will never be a rockstar.
  20. How is a milf gross ?? They wouldnt be a milf then they would just be some old bitch you wouldnt bang.
  21. Would hit it .. Wouldnt hang around afterwards so she can slice my balls open in the name of lucifer or something tho while im sleeping.
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