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  1. also, if anyone is interested in doing some exchange packages with cool shit/prints/drawings/dildos/whatever, PM me.
  2. dirt i have been working on as of late. Young Heaven Gravedancer I Gravedancer II I began experimenting with and teaching myself how to paint with oils. HERE'S MY BLOG
  3. that was a struggle to read through. lets see some more of yall's artwork.
  4. you need to have a great understanding of the human anatomy, especially in translation to your hand to the canvas, to be able to successfully distort it.
  5. I have slowly found that a few drops of linseed oil is just enough even to be distributed within the other paints for a while, or, it would be enough for a single session of paint, depending on the size of the surface. something I have encountered trouble with is a certain clumpiness of the paint. I have figured this occurs without thinning, or the fact that it is on wood panel, but if anyone has advice on how to remove these small crumbs successfully, please let me know.
  6. i use white spirit rather than pure turpentine. thanks though. i acquired a red sable brush and its great. i tend to use the white spirit as "water" and the linseed oil as a thinner. works a whole lot better.
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